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New Releases

Available on the website now are our new Bocage set 3 and our North African terrain sets.
Bocage set 3 gives you 9 feet of terrain, which allows you to make your fields more irregular in shape and provides you with breaks for you fields.
The North African terrain sets start with the Village, which has 2 medium buildings, 1 small building, 6 feet of walls and 2 pieces that are exclusive to this set- a well and a ruined building corner.
Also released alongside the North African village set are the desert roads set and each of the buildings and the wall set that you get in the village. over the next few weeks we'll be having more for the North African range coming out.
Recent Posts
Basing materials added to the web store now. From tufts and Static Grass to resin bricks, that will allow you to create urban bases for your troops. Check out the Store now!! 
Busy day today- we have 5 new releases out. The Orchard and Garden to compliment Warlord Games La Haye Sainte, Cobbled roads and Pike and shotte movement trays.
Recently completed work on La Haye Sainte for Warlord Games.