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The next few days promise to be quite busy, not only are we in the process of getting everything ready for the Warlord Games Day (including making a 6x4 Board), but we also have several new releases that will be available. First up are the Orchard and Garden that we made to compliment Warlord and Sarissa Precision's La Haye Sainte. Both pieces can also be used with our other terrain and the Orchard looks great used with the Bocage. Not content with releasing them singly we've also done them as a set which saves you £10 on the individual purchase price.
Next is the Cobbled roads set, this provides you with 9 feet of roads, including long and short straights as well as corners. 1 set should be enough for a small town, however for those with larger towns we've also done a 3 pack bumper set. 
Finally today we have the first of our Pike and Shotte Movement tray sets. We have more of these in the pipeline to allow you greater variation.
Recent Posts
Basing materials added to the web store now. From tufts and Static Grass to resin bricks, that will allow you to create urban bases for your troops. Check out the Store now!! 
We have several new releases today, both for our Normandy range and our new North African range!
Recently completed work on La Haye Sainte for Warlord Games.